Thursday, 29 August 2013

This time our slippers feature.....FROGS,

Good evening, everyone:  here we are, Thursday already, and I've not blogged since the week-end.  I just wish there were 48 hours to each day, not the normal 24!

As you know, I'm  presently deeply involved in making slippers for both sale (and display) shortly, and these are the latest in the series.  We're offering two pairs of Mens slippers (Small and Medium sizes - the Large has yet to be produced, but are in the pipeline):   and Childrens' varieties in Small - Fox Heads, Medium - Leopard Heads using Leopard Print fabric, and Large - Tigers' Heads, again using an Animal Print Plush Fabric.  Now I've embarked on the Ladies, and these are the newest - destined for Sizes 2-3 (UK) Ladies feet.

These Green Moleskin type Frog Head Ladies Slippers  are part of the 2013 ColdhamCuddlies Specialities Product Offer available with effect from September 2013.   They are listed as examples in our shop at - in case someone requires them as a gift for overseas family members.

They are made from a pattern that has developed since the first, experimental Rabbit Slippers emerged earlier this year - following extensive conversations between a particular Etsy contact and myself -  please visit  During the ensuing  production process, Size 5-6 and 7-8 slippers have been produced, but these were the result of local neighbours' commissions.  They are about to be reproduced for sale here on Etsy - although their listings do already feature in our Shop.  These can be seen here and also

These Green Frog Head Slippers have a Memory Foam insole base covered by faux leather - which has a matt finished, but CANNOT be GUARANTEED slip proof.

The outer layer is made with green moleskin type fabric, with a white lining, and is sewn on to the insole together with a cream Poodle fur fabric lining.  They are attached in such a way that no seams are visible - thus preventing unnecessary seam contact with an individual's skin.  The sole of the slipper is separately sewn with a cream Poodle fur lining and the entire slipper is then encased at the ankle with a Green Satin Ribbon edging, through which 1 cm (1/2") wide elastic has been threaded.

To ensure a satisfactory, personal fit, sufficient leeway has been created for the elastic to be pulled to meet individuals' requirements.   An opening under the ribbon bow allows access for any adjustments to be undertaken.  While there are no feet "in residence", the toes are currently stuffed with tissue paper in order to hold the slippers shape!

These slippers usually take me between 3-4 days per pair to produce from cutting out the fabric pieces to completion.  They do not have to be Frog Heads - the choice is down to the Buyer, who can visit our Shop site to review the other Toys' Heads - and arrangements will be made to accommodate any choice of Animal or colour specified.  The pattern is based on slippers I made one Christmas (way back in the 1970's) for all the male members of my significantly large family - but those were made with felt, and didn't last as long as I believe these will.

To ensure the finished product is "Made to Fit"  when ordering  ALL the following information will be most helpful, but are  not absolutely vital.  The items highlighted with a ** ARE needed however.

Frog Slipper for the Left Foot
(1) Your normal shoe size. **
(2) Colour combination(s) - if different from those shown**
(3) If possible, a drawing of each foot - to accommodate individual shapes!
(4) Measurement of each foot from Toe to Ankle OVER the instep arch.
(5) Width of foot from side to side, OVER instep arch.
(6) Ankle circumference at top edge of slipper - to accommodate any possible swelling involved.

This is for the Right Foot - despite the apparent twist  at the toes!
Armed with this information, it should be possible for me to meet your specific needs!  Otherwise, they fit or they don't!  I am always prepared to re-work, provided any returns have not been damaged in the process of being sent back!  So far, it has not been necessary.

Etsy Listing #160760658
Slippers can be made for Children, Ladies and Men - once all the above information is provided for each person.  However, please be aware, that no matter the fact that they are made in the same way, just as I can never produce a completely identical toy, the same holds true for a pair of Slippers.  I have noticed, however, that even with the mass-produced variety, although they may look identical on first sight, they can vary in fit when a foot is actually inserted!  But, isn't that the joy of HAND MADE?

A pair of Ladies Size 4-6 (UK) are in the process of production. Number One slipper is almost complete - all it needs is elastic being threaded through:  however, Slipper Number Two has not worked as well - the seamstress trying to do things too quickly, I fear! (I had only taken 2 days to do them so far!) So, the work will have to be undone - and re-started:  oh, that's another "joy" of HAND MADE!  It's not too difficult to undo something that has gone more than slightly skewed!  And it also shows that I must allow at least 3-4 days for each pair to be sure of an acceptable result!

Back again soon - meanwhile, it's both hands to the slipper - with the trusty "Quic Unpic" to the fore! (Makes a change from applying them to unsuspecting Bears!)  Good night  lsobel 

PS:  These Slippers have already found a home!  The lady comes to visit me every six weeks or so to treat my feet - and she is frog mad.  When she saw them yesterday during her latest visit, she agreed to purchase them at our next meeting - in mid-October.  Meanwhile, I have permission to display them on my stall as "Reserved - Already Sold"!  Let us hope that is an omen of things to come!